Deliverable 1.2 First draft of a lexicon of definitions

June 23, 2016 - posted in Results

This is the first version of the IMPROVER Lexicon of Definitions. It is the result of the first phase of the international survey conducted by the project and it gathers several resilience concepts and their definitions, as well as other key related terms. We envisage that this will be a dynamic document; that is to say that it will be updated and expanded throughout the duration of the project.


At this stage, the document identifies and lists several identified definitions for each relevant to critical infrastructure concept, followed by a discussion. This helps the reader to identify similarities, common elements and differences among the listed definitions and work towards selecting a suitable definition for his/her work. For the IMPROVER project, we foresee that in upcoming versions of the document, we will be able to suggest and agree one definition for each term, which will be used by the project partners for the duration of the project and will reflect the assumptions of the proposed IMPROVER methodology.


Please note: this deliverable is made available here in draft format until it has been formally accepted.


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