Deliverable 4.1 Social resilience criteria for critical infrastructures during crises

June 23, 2016 - posted in Results

The current deliverable presents the results of the work carried out under Task 4.1 and aims to provide critical infrastructure operators with a set of criteria to be used during disasters, based on the
expectations of the public, in order to both increase social resilience and help establish performance objectives in order to increase critical infrastructure resilience. As stated in the Task 4.1 description, expectations of political leaders and the media are also examined. This work is based on information gathered through a review of the literature on public expectations of critical infrastructure resilience during crises. It also includes the key findings from semi-structured interviews (N=22) with critical infrastructure operators and experts, as well as a questionnaire survey (N=403) to the public concerning their expectations.


Please note: this deliverable is made available here in draft format until it has been formally accepted.


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