D.7.1 The project dissemination strategy

May 31, 2017 - posted in Results

Over the course of the project, the IMPROVER consortium will be disseminating the results of the project to multiple audiences, via different channels, at different intervals, etc. This is necessary throughout the project for the purposes of raising awareness and inviting debate and comment on the scientific work which is being undertaken, while it is in progress; as well as for the dissemination of the projects deliverables and results to promote uptake and increase impact of the project.

Also, a mainstream dissemination strategy is essential to achieve the highest impact, visibility and credibility as possible. This strategy needs to be answering the following four questions:

1. What information do we want to disseminate?

2. Who is our audience?

3. How will we disseminate the project’s results?

4. When will we disseminate these results and raise awareness?



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