IMPROVER presents at the 2017 World Bosai Forum in Sendai, Japan!

November 28, 2017 - posted in News

This past weekend IMPROVER Project Dissemination Manager, Fanny Guay, presented at the 2017 World Bosai Forum.

We had the opportunity to present two posters at the forum, “Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction Through Better Critical Infrastructure” and “Pilot Implementation of a New Resilience Management Framework.” IMPROVER Project’s research methods and frameworks are addressing disaster risk reduction and shaping the future of resilience. We are thrilled to be involved in such an exciting and important global movement!

“As a part of our commitments, we will start holding the “World Bosai Forum/ International Disaster Risk Conference” from this year in Sendai City every two years, in partnership with the International Disaster and Risk Conference (IDRC) in Davos, Switzerland. Officials and experts from domestic and overseas industries, governments, academia and private sectors as well as local citizens will gather at the Forum, and findings and lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake will be shared with the world. The World Bosai Forum also aims to create practical solutions for disaster risk reduction, instilling the term “Bosai” that encompasses a comprehensive concept from disaster risk reduction to reconstruction and recovery, and share it with the world” – World Bosai Forum

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