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David Lange
Project coordinator

David Lange is a research scientist at SP Fire Research in Borås, Sweden. His research interests are in performance based design and risk assessment; resilience of infrastructure and evaluation of cascading effects; as well as structural fire engineering.

Originally from Edinburgh in Scotland; he has a PhD in Structural Fire Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering with Architecture from the University of Edinburgh.

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Daniel Honfi
Deputy coordinator

Daniel Honfi is a researcher at SP Structural and Solid Mechanics in Gothenburg, Sweden. His main research focus is on the basis of structural design, structural reliability and robustness.

Daniel is Hungarian, he has a PhD in Structural Engineering from Lund University and an MSc in Civil Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

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Fanny Guay
Dissemination manager

Fanny Guay is a graduate in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University du Québec à Montréal in Canada. During her career, she worked with peacekeeping, capacity development, project management, IT, training and resilience. She joined the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology in 2012 as Project Manager for the Research and Development department. She currently manages three EU funded projects on three different topics: early fire detection, fire safety engineering and resilience for critical infrastructures.

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