Training material

    The objective of this material is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge gained within the IMPROVER project to critical infrastructure operators and other stakeholders concerned with critical infrastructure resilience. The partners of the IMPROVER project have compiled training material divided into four lessons with additional supporting material:

    The lesson topics reflect the IMPROVER project overall objective: to improve European critical infrastructure resilience to crises and disasters. The objective of creating the training material is to optimize the level of impact of the project results and to facilitate the uptake of gained knowledge to a wide range of recipients.

    The purpose of the lesson disposition is to firstly, in Lesson 1, introduce the concept of critical infrastructure resilience, as well as giving a solid background about different resilience domains. Lesson 1 is the foundation for all of the following lessons, while lessons 2-4 are more stand-alone and the recipient can choose which topic they want to study. Lesson 2 digs deeper into how resilience can be managed, with a focus on critical infrastructure. In Lesson 3, four different resilience analysis methodologies are presented, that has been developed within the IMPROVER project. Lesson 4 consists of communication guidelines for critical infrastructure operators, and finally, in the Supporting materials, additional material can be found, e.g. slide shows, discussion topics and infographics.

EU flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 653390